"National News"
11.01.2011 - Article published in Magnum magazine, issue 113, about the big news was the launch of the Shock devices of the GN imports.
In GN imports, we are proud of the recognition for the great work we are doing.
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"GN imports is the best choice. We are very pleased with the recognition."
GN News
"Lecture operation and maintenance airsofts"
01.01.2012 - The GN imports is offering a lecture of operating and maintaining airsofts, created by Raposas Radicais with the Matilha Cultural, which will be held on 01.18.2012.
"News that are featured in Brazil and in the world"
06.06.2013 - Article published in Magnum magazine, issue 118, about new products of GN imports.
"Article about airsofts"
09.12.2013 - Article published in Magnum magazine, issue 119 - Aug / Sep 2013 about the origin and evolution of airsofts.

"Marcos Do Val message"
02/09/2016 - Video where Marcos Do Val, member, instructor of SWAT and founder of CATI recommended GN imports and sends a message to our CEO and Founder.
"Learn Why Importing is Important"
28/02/2019 - Let’s start at the beginning. So why do nations import goods? They import because none of them, even the Brazil, are totally self-sustaining on their own products.